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the boy in the bathroom sink

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The Boy In The Bathroom Sink

The premiere of “The Boy In The Bathroom Sink”, which showcases music from Robbie Tucker, April Kelly, International Call Centre, Marc Allred and Keith Elliott is coming to Amazon and other streaming services on October 24th, 2019.

Tucker, in his filmmaking debut, presents a dark comedy with an unusual character-driven tale of friendship. 

The series stars Robbie Tucker (the protagonist from the award-nominated documentary Musically Medicated), April Kelly, Kirk Stothart, and Alex Contreras.

The three-episode series is an intriguing piece of work that weaves a tale of a unique friendship, jumping back and forth through time to reveal eye-opening aspects of the story. Robbie Tucker, playing himself living in the fictional city of River City, wins a contest from the leading tech company Flex Electronix. Technological advancements and perfection is the name of their game, however, glitches are soon revealed in their “Systems.” Tucker guides you through his musically-driven creation, keeping audiences invested until reaching its thought-provoking conclusion.

WATCH IT NOW @ www.theboyinthebathroomsink.com


#5 Review

Listening to Robbie’s new material is like meeting up with an old friend. It’s nice to run into them once again, to feel the familiar embrace. However, after sitting and spending a little time catching up, one is pleasantly surprised to find many new subtle layers in play. Make no mistake this latest musical endeavor is very slick, but not in an obvious clinical way. It has the familiar foundation rooted in familiarity, yet, experimental, using many modern elements found in electronic music. The end result is an exciting journey where one feels comfortable with the direction they are being led, yet at the same time, we are excited by the subtle auditory Easter eggs, which keep the familiar foundation fresh, or re invented. At the end of this musical adventure, one feels as though they have indeed caught up with an old friend, and have basked in nostalgia, and been inspired with new adventure simultaneously. - Nathan Stever


Robbie Tucker hailing from the east coast continues to bang against the restrictions of the conventional pop formula.   His passion for his touchstones including Roy Orbison, Paul McCartney, and Elvis Presley are evident in his unique brand of pop/folk.

His latest album Acoustic Fudge is Robbie’s fourth solo work and the first to be released solely through digital download.  Once again and like his previous creations Acoustic Fudge finds Robbie acting as the band. Playing ukulele, guitar, arranging, singing lead vocals and harmonies.

In recent years Robbie was the focus of a documentary by filmmaker Gabi Kislat titled Musically Medicated.  As well he wrote Hope Is All We Have for a documentary film titled Nuclear Hope.  This track appears as well on Acoustic Fudge.

Currently residing in Miramichi, NB this east coast music maker is still writing and creating.

Hey, friends! I would love to hear from you so if you wanna drop me a line you can! My email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. LOVE, Robbie : )

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